What is love?

You know from your own experience that love is powerful.

It’s something we all want.
Consider a survey that asked “would you marry somebody who had everything you looked for in a partner, but whom you were not in love with?” More than 90 percent of woman and 86 percent of men said “no”!

image-2There are as many different perceptions and definitions of love as there are people, as we each have different experiences of what it is. This is one reason why it’s so hard to find – you, and any potential partner, have to be able to bridge the gaps in expectations.
Up until recently most people, including scientists, believed love was about chemistry and the interaction of molecules and hormones within you. Chemicals forced you to act in certain ways and create what you perceived as love. But we all know that when you text or speak to your lover on the phone those molecules don’t cross space and trigger a chemical reaction. We now know there’s something more powerful involved.
Science now shows that those chemicals are set in motion by electromagnetic signaling, or what you might simply think of energy.
This echoes how we each know that we should look beyond the physical to find true love.
Just how do you do that? (That’s what our book is all about).
When you’re ‘in love’ your energies – such as those measured by your brain and heart waves – as well as those chemicals, emotions, thoughts and actions are focused and flowing together in one direction.
This is a little like a laser, which brings together and amplifies waves of light energy to make a powerful and illuminating beam that’s stronger than the individual light waves on their own.
So now you know that love is, ultimately, energy!
You are no longer at the mercy of those chemicals and don’t have to wait until you bump into someone else whose chemicals interact well with yours to experience love. You have more control than you realize over love!
For example, true love is more than something physical, more than something romantic, emotional or even mental – it’s all of these combined. This means you shouldn’t seek someone whom you’re just physically attracted to. Rather, look for a partner whose energy adds to yours – and yours to theirs – to find true love.
Realizing this is a major secret to finding your true love.
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Once you understand the power of love you can then do something about it. This is what this website and our book is all about – showing you the power of love and how to use it to find your own true love.