How intimate are you?

You have to create an environment where you and your partner feel safe to provide it, to give it, to receive it.
If you want love, you first have to be able to give it.
(If your problem with your partner is abuse, control or something else destructive – something that stops you from being you – maybe you should move on. Seek professional advice if this is the case.)
What needs to change? Change occurs all through life, yet we often expect our partner won’t. Then when things get tough, ironically, we want them to change.
When it comes to the latter, why do you or your partner want change? Why are you seeking something else? What are you really seeking? 
Is it because you feel the relationship is stale, that it’s not going anywhere, you think you know all there is to know about your partner, or you want more excitement, or you’re not getting what you need?
If it’s any of these, then there’s a good chance you could grow your relationship more – a lot more. You already have a partner with whom you’ve had much in common and it might just be possible to improve what you already have.
Couples often take each other for granted and that can destroy love. A woman thinks she knows her man, the man thinks he knows his woman; while in reality nobody knows either.
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A business-like approach to love

A head-hunter friend of ours, who teaches big companies that when they’re recruiting people they should hire those who best fit their culture, who embody the ideals of the organization.
She coaches them on how to employ people who are prepared to work together with others to achieve a common objective. They might not have the same personality type, not even the same views, but they are able to band with others and work together.
Look at potential partners in this way:
– do they have similar ideals to you;
– do they think of others and work together with them?
– do they take control and direct or do everything on their own?
Ask them what their views are on love, on true love, and how they’ve gone about finding it?
Do they have the same ideals and approach as you?
Love is not as scarce a commodity as it has often been made out to be. There’s plenty of love energy to go around. We all want it. We all have it to give.
So turn the traditional approach to finding love around and start by looking ‘top’ down. It’s the person inside, their soul, that you’re trying to determine how they might connect with yours. True love is where you connect with another on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually (in terms of energy rather than religion).
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Love, love, love

What type do you want?
You already know physical love, as it’s the type you see all around you everyday, on television, in books and in movies.
When you’re young, you’re attracted to physical attributes of people, to looks and bodies and spend a great amount of time and effort trying to explore these.
Also, there’s no denying the power of the physical biology of love: our bodies are designed to reproduce. You were likely taught about this at school and gossiped about it with friends.
Marketers also use this type of love to sell things to you, so you have this type of love pushed to you all the time. You’re led to believe that you must have it or you’re missing out and will suffer. This has also distorted much thinking about love.
Once you experience and somewhat understand the physical aspects of love, you might realise that there’s something more, that there’s a ‘mental’ or social form of love.
Mental love is where you want loving companionship, conversation and friendship as much, if not more, than the physical aspects of love. It’s why and how you seek relationships with friends, family and a special partner.
While physical love fulfils our physical and biological needs, mental love helps alleviate loneliness, makes you feel more connected, safer and secure.
This type of love has a lot to do with how you feel and think. Studies have found that just mentally recalling thoughts of a loved one can create pleasant feelings; that meditating about love can generate more harmonious heart waves (ECGs) than people who are simply resting.
Once you obtain mental love you might sense that there’s still something more. For example, you can be in a relationship, in a marriage with children, and never be physically alone, yet still feel isolated and that something is missing.
What’s missing is spiritual love…


Everything, including love, changes throughout your life.
You’ll progress through different stages and as you do your relationships and love will change too.
CoupleThere are at least four phases you might progress through. These include:
• Student phase – during which you learn about yourself and the world, where your energy expands from physical to mental
• Family and social phase – where you comprehend meaning from what you’ve learnt, where your energy expands and connects
• Contribution phase – where you apply the information you’ve learnt, where you give energy
• An integration phase – where you integrate yourself, and your energy, with the world around you.
These phases involve a transition from a focus on the physical, to the emotional then to the mind, spirit and finally to love.
These changes can take time or be quite quick. For instance, there may come a time in your life that you will go through what Wayne Dyer calls a “shift”, where you move from a focus on physical and social aspects of life to something more spiritual and loving. This is sometimes called a mid-life crisis.
At this time priorities change. For some, this is a shift from focusing on the family, on trying to be good enough and fitting in to a greater focus on personal growth, improving self esteem, spirituality, happiness and forgiveness. For men, it’s a shift from focusing on creating wealth, adventure, achievement, pleasure and obtaining respect to focusing on spirituality, personal peace, family, finding purpose and emotional honesty with themself.
There are also phases of love that you may progress through. We’ve found there are five main phases:
• Attraction
• Romance
• Commitment
• Challenge
• Compassion – true love.
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The science of finding true love

Finding the ‘right’ partner is key to the quality, and even length, of your life. This one decision can determine 90 percent of your happiness – or misery. So it’s important to get it right.
So how do you find the right partner, your soul mate?
Here’s what you’ve been missing, the key we discovered that can help you find your soul mate.
It’s that your soul is related to the way energy flows within you and therefore finding your soul mate is a matter of finding someone with whom your energy best connects!
A soul mate adds to and amplifies your energy – and your energy theirs.
Unfortunately, you cannot easily ‘see’ how your energy could connect when assessing potential partners. It will vary from person to person and only you can sense and determine this.
As soon as you look beyond the physical you will see, be attracted to and meet, a lot more people who could be a good match for you.
There are many people who could be a great energy fit for you.
There are almost 7 billion people on the planet, which means that there are hundreds if not thousands of people with whom your energy could connect well.
This means you are not looking for “the one”, not looking for a needle in a haystack. There are likely to be several potential partners that you can relate with and grow love with!
This also means that you don’t have to compete for the same person as your friends.
To find someone with whom you can experience true love requires real contact and connection. Unfortunately, many of us are more comfortable writing short texts or emails to one another, rather than having a real conversation or contact with another person. But avoiding actual contact by hiding behind a computer isn’t the answer.
You need to get out and meet real people to see with whom your energy meshes best.
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Dating tip – who’s good for you?

It’s not age, not even number of partners but rather the amount of knowledge you- and your date – have about love that’s most important.
If you know and understand what love is, especially why you want love, then you can more quickly assess potential partners.
You can more quickly determine – and decline – those whom won’t work out, allowing you more time to spend with those who might.
This can also help you avoid staying in relationships that are not right for you.
Knowing about love provides a competitive advantage.
You are less likely to choose the ‘wrong’ person and have to try again, or remarry, when you’re older.
You’d research, learn, inspect and do tests before you bought an expensive car or house – so why wouldn’t you do the same before choosing a life partner?
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Another secret to true love is to add more love energy.
You can add (or subtract) energy to your love. The move constructive energy you add the better.
It’s a matter of finding that right energy, right pattern, right love that adds harmoniously to yours.
This is how caring words, candles, music, gifts and the like add to romance – they add to and amplify energy.
The key is to add lots of other types of energy, in particular non-physical types like mental and spiritual energy.
Adding more energy simply makes what you already have stronger – simple science: add more love energy and you’ll make your love stronger.
This is a little like pushing that swing that’s already in motion, the extra pushes can have a large affect in making the swing, your love, rise even higher.
Take your love to a higher level by focusing extra energy on your partner and your relationship.
This often requires you being less self- or task-focused.
Put aside your own needs and focus on the needs of your partner.
Being romantic is all about adding more energy. Those candles, music, touch, talking, dining are all about adding more loving energy to make the situation – your love – greater. There are many things that can do this.
True love is where your energy adds to that of your partner – and theirs adds to yours.
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When it gets tough….

When you don’t know what to do, or when your partner tests your commitment to them, or when you’re emotionally attacked, you probably withdraw your love.
This is a big mistake most of us make!
It’s also an easy one to correct. You need to continue to show that you’re still there for your partner, still love them.
You need to express this in a heartfelt manner, not in a logical/mental or even physical manner. You have to show your strength and sensitivity in an emotional way. This is how you can show that you’re strong and sensitive at the same time.
What do you do when it becomes challenging?
Do you direct your energy to frustration and anger? Or are you strong and continue to let your love flow, adding even more love energy?
The solution is to add more energy, to let it flow and expand to ultimately balance!
This can be as simple as your being there, in particular being there emotionally and emotionally open to your partner (men take note in particular).
This could start with saying that you’ll always be there for her, saying you still love them, to expand your love. (Note you do not need to solve any problem right then and there. That can come later.)
As such, it’s a matter of being and doing the opposite to what you usually do. Put aside your own needs and focus on their needs.

10 tips to help you find love

There are many ways to find love.
Our decades of research into this amazing aspect of life has revealed 10 key points.
Here’s a summary of what our research has found::
1 – realise there are different types of love
2 – If you ‘need’ love realise it’s not true love
3 – acknowledge your emotions (energy in motion) as they’re trying to tell you something and get your energy to flow
4 – focus your energies to flow together more harmoniously to elevate your love towards true love
5 – once love energy is flowing well within you expand it, give it – unconditionally
6 – look for partners with whom your energy flows and connects best
7 – connect on all levels – emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as physically
8 – delve deep into you and a partner’s inner most selves to strengthen your connections
9 – add even more loving energy to make your love even more powerful
10 – you’re the only one in control of your energy.
Discover more -much more -in the rest of the site…we just want to share what we have found to make it easier for you – and the world (no catches, no agenda) – just sharing the love, true love.