How do you know?

How do you know when you find true love?
Once you’ve found someone how do you really know you’ve found the ‘right’ person?
We’ve found signs include:
• Wanting to give love unconditionally to your partner
• Providing a safe and secure environment and supporting them through good and bad times
• Being able to talk, and listen, together for hours
• Sharing your inner most self, your hearts
• Having similar attitudes and aims
• Encouraging your partner to be themselves and being able to accept who they are
• Realizing that every aspect of you meshes or ‘clicks; with and adds to that of your partner
• Together you explore, discover, learn, experience and achieve much more than you could on your own
• You are separate, but integrated, adding to each other’s energy, life and love; and
• Your love is better than the songs and movies you used to associate with love.
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Much has been said of love: it is the subject of songs, poems, books, movies and more. Here are some comments from other people that we have found helpful:
• “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams,” Dr. Seuss
• “The power of life is love,” Leo Tolstoy
• “A baby is born with a need to be loved—and never outgrows it,” Frank Clark
• “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread,” Mother Teresa
• “Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that,” Michael Leunig
• “To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven,” Karen Sunde
• “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love,” Tom Robbins
• “God does not command that we do great things, only little things with great love,” Mother Teresa
• “We are entitled to receive only what we are prepared to give,” Gordon Livingstone
• “It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving,” Mother Teresa
• “Nothing in life is as complex or rewarding as our intimate relationships. We have all been through some of the deepest pains and greatest joys while connecting closely to another human being. Real love is the highest form of giving. And it is also where we achieve the most inner personal growth. Thus, to fully love another person is perhaps one of the most divine experiences on earth.” Sage & Anthony Robbins.


Love is not as scarce a commodity as it is often been made out to be. There’s plenty of love energy to go around. We all want it.
We all have it to give.
Turn the traditional approach to finding love around and start by looking ‘top’ down.
Remember, it’s the person inside, their soul, that you’re trying to determine how they might connect with yours. True love is where you connect with another on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually (in terms of energy rather than religion).
How do you do this?
Take the approach of a head-hunter friend of ours, who teaches big companies that when they’re recruiting people they should hire those who best fit their culture, who embody the ideals of the organization. She coaches them on how to employ people who are prepared to work together with others to achieve a common objective. They might not have the same personality type, not even the same views, but they are able to band with others and work together.
Look at potential partners in this way: do they have similar ideals to you; do they think of others and work together with them? Or do they take control and direct or do everything on their own?
Ask them what their views are on love, on true love, and how they’ve gone about finding it? Do they have the same ideals and approach as you?
Tip – Some of the best advice we’ve heard about how to find a potential partner is to seek someone who is similar to you.

Connecting – in different ways

A secret of true love is to not look for differences, but rather to create connections.
What do you tend to do? Do you focus on differences between you and others? If you look for and focus on differences that’s what you’ll find. Or do you seek and build connections? Look for things in common then you’ll find them.
How do you connect?
Unfortunately, today’s modern lifestyle sees more of us connect less than ever before. Mobile phones and texts, the internet and emails, sees people communicate indirectly rather than in person.
But it’s through personal connection that you meet people and find out with whom you can connect best. A 2011 survey by Relationships Australia found the majority of people met their partners:

  • through friends,
  • at social occasions, or
  • at work.

Only 4% met their partner online.
It also noted the main challenge to finding a partner is meeting enough new people.
As the adage suggests, it takes a lot of kissing frogs to find a prince. It can be challenging – even painful – meeting, dating and realising that someone is not quite the person you seek and then breaking up with them. Dealing with other people is the hardest thing you will ever do. The first person to climb Mt. Everest, Sir Edmund Hilary, said this was harder for him than climbing the world’s tallest mountain, he once told Guy. But you have to do it to meet people. It is that simple and that hard. Remember the anonymous quote that says “great love and great achievements involve great risk”.
How much of yourself are you prepared to risk? You need to be active, courageous and willing to talk to people. You need to be brave and risk rejection!
You need to get out there, meet and talk to people, connect with people.
When talking to someone ask them about themselves; people generally like to be asked and talk about themselves. Use this to your advantage by asking a question or two to get a conversation going. Then listen. Then try to sense if there is any connection and build on it.

What do you focus on?

What’s your greatest fear – and why? (Some of the best marketing techniques work by playing on your fears, such as you’ll suffer or cannot survive without this product or service. Studies have proven that creating a fear of loss is more effective in marketing than appealing to desire or greed. People care twice as much about avoiding losses as they do about making gains.)
Are you defined by your fears and what you avoid, rather than by love?
Be careful where you focus your energy. Focus it on love.

Looking for your soul mate?

First start with what is your soul.
Souls are generally described as being eternal, everlasting – and science says there is only thing that is eternal – that is energy!
This suggests that your soul is the way energy flows and interacts within you. This is similar to how your personality and character are now recognised as being comprised of energy patterns within you.
Another way to think of your soul is a little like computer software running on the hardware of your body. If the software programs, or patterns, are corrupted your computer and its output will not function as well as it could.
Just like software, your energy patterns – your soul – can be upgraded and improved. You can change and improve them by adding energy, adding learning and experience.
How your energy meshes is in a large part up to you: you can direct and control how it flows, expands and balances.
If your energies are flowing together harmoniously, expanding and balancing so too will your soul – and love.
The fact that you can consciously alter your energy differentiates you from everything else in the universe. It echoes those scriptures that encourage you to improve your soul to enter a greater realm.
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Time to appreciate

One of the best ways to give love energy to your partner is to tell them what you appreciate about them, what attracted you to them and what you adore about her (or him).

You can never say too many positive things, but can certainly not say enough!

Conveying a few kinds words a few times a day – be it in words, email or text – can show your partner that you are thinking about her and appreciate her (rather than take her for granted).

This can be one of the best, and easiest, ways to improve a relationship as it is one to help improve safety and security.

Consideration is also important: you need to consider what impact your words and actions have on your partner. Don’t assume you know what she feels and think. Ask her or him!

BE AWARE that many of us have expectations of what we want our partner to be and try to make them into what that is. This is a huge mistake. Don’t try to make your partner into some they aren’t.
You need to appreciate and love your partner. Start by appreciating at least one aspect of them…
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Where do you focus your love?

Energy goes where attention flows. It is the same with love.
If you direct your attention to something, or somewhere or someone else that’s where your energy will flow.
It’s that simple and easy!
If you want true love, want a loving relationship, that’s where you need to focus your attention, and thus your energy.
As such, you should make your relationship, your love – in particular, your partner – the focus of your attention, of your energy, of your life.
This is a secret to changing and improving a relationship, a love. By focusing positive energy on it, on them, you can and will strengthen your love.
In contrast, when you focus your energy on physical things, such as food, fashion or other fads, that’s where your energy will go. When you focus it on mental things, such as courses and studying, then that’s where it and you will concentrate.
If you’re not paying attention to your partner then they’ll not be receiving energy from you, they might even be losing energy. Why would they want to be with someone who weakens their energy?
This is one of the greatest and easiest secrets of love – focusing attention and energy on your partner will improve your love. Try it and watch the results. Which way does your love energy flow?
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Be true for true love

You need to connect with your inner most self, not your ego, to truly connect with another.
If you can’t be open and honest with yourself how will you ever be open with another?!
If you’re pretending to be a ‘different’ person to who you really are this not only takes a lot of effort and energy but you could find that someone falls in love with the image you’re projecting, rather than the true you.
Similarly, if you’re quite self-focused, or what others might call ‘full of yourself’ and your own self importance or ego you may have no room for anyone else.
Similarly, seek a partner who is considerate of others; not just themselves. If their focus is on themself and their needs how much energy will they place on considering you and your needs? If they can’t easily share their energy, themself with you you’ll have trouble finding and developing true love with them. Egotism negates the constructive energy of true love.
Tip Love requires transcending your ego. You need to connect with your inner most self, not your ego, in order to best connect with another.
Also realise that you don’t need to be perfect to be loved.
Secret   You have to be open and have room for a lover, for love.
Surprisingly, while some people seek love they also create barriers to receiving it. They want a fairytale prince to come and rescue them, fight for them – to make them worthy of love. Do you feel unworthy of love? Is the real reason why you want love to validate yourself? Many of us seek love for this reason.
Realise – and accept – that you are worthy, worthy of love!
Open yourself and be available to love. There is no reason to hide. This is an important aspect of finding your true love – or letting your true love find you.
Download the book – it’s free – to find out more. It really is that simple. P - Key

Overcoming emotional pain

When you’re feeling emotional pain, try this secret short-cut. Rather than try to resolve the conflicting emotion as soon as you can, sense it, then try to balance it by turning your thoughts towards love. Sense a great moment of love in your life and recall it. What you’re doing is using the power of love to balance those conflicting emotions. This is one of the greatest gifts of love, its ability to bring things together – it’s like a ‘reset’ button on a computer that helps rebalance your energy, rebalance you. This is why many of us seek physical love (sex, orgasm, self pleasure) as it’s one way we instinctively rebalance our energy. You can also do this with just your thoughts.
Rather than get stuck on some emotion, to someone or something; let it go, let the energy flow. (This echoes scriptures and spiritual writings about self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others.)
Remember, you’re aiming for your energy to flow, expand and balance.
Also consider how much energy you’re putting into love at present?
You’re already putting a lot of physical energy into going to work, paying the bills and so on. But are you putting enough energy into your love?
Consider, how often do you talk and for how long? Are these superficial conversations about domestic issues, household chores and the like or are they deeper conversation about you and your partner, your dreams, fears and desires?
Listen to yourself, your emotions, your energy in action, and what they’re trying to tell you.[1]
The energy of love is already inside you.
The next secret reveals ways to unleash this energy and direct it towards true love.
[1] The struggle between thoughts and emotions cannot be resolved by the mind gaining dominance over emotions, or vice versa, but rather by increasing the harmonious balance between the two.