About us

Kristen and Guy are soul mates who share their knowledge and experience to help you find the love you’ve always dreamt of.
Kristen is a former midwife, who delivered the results of love on a daily basis. She is now a clinical researcher helping to identify and overcome pregnancy and birth issues.
Guy is a former archaeologist, award-winning journalist and author who reconciles modern science, ancient scriptures and spiritual writings to provide practical and personal ways to enable you to find true love.  He is also the author of Soul Power: Science, Spirituality and the Search for the Soul and The Ultimate Meaning of Life (and answers to other really big questions).
We are often asked why do you give away your book for free?
It’s simple – we want to help others avoid the mistakes we made when it came to love. And the easiest way to do that is by learning more about love! So go back to the home page and get it now.