Keys to a love-filled life – our top tips

Many secrets and keys to love are revealed in our book.
They include:

  • Love is energy
  • There are different types of love
  • We each have unique energy patterns, as individual as fingerprints, that can do unique things
  • Your soul is related to the energy patterns within you
  • You are the one who controls your energy
  • You cannot always control what happens, but you can control how you respond to it
  • Emotions are energy in motion
  • Letting go equates to letting energy flow
  • Energy flows where attention goes
  • To change your circumstances change your energy flow
  • Doing things in a ‘loving’ manner is energetically easier than doing them any other way
  • Happiness and love are the rewards for getting your energies flowing together harmoniously
  • True love starts from within, with your energy
  • Only by letting love energy flow can you find with whom it best meshes
  • To find your soul mate you need to find whom your energy meshes with best
  • Love with your soul not just your body
  • You are drawn to people who make you feel good
  • If you can’t share the innermost essence of you with yourself, how are you ever going to share it with another?
  • One of the biggest secrets of true love is not to wait for love, not to ask for it and not to need it, but rather to simply give it
  • A great lover is always ready to give love and is not bothered whether it is returned or not
  • Love brings out what is hidden within you: if there is nothing loving, then your love will be nothing
  • True love has no conditions, no opposites.
  • You can’t bargain for true love
  • Your relationship to love is often a reflection of your relationship to yourself
  • Strong relationships depend on strong awareness of your self and of others
  • Don’t settle for average. True love is not average: it is extraordinary!
  • Make love with your whole being, your body, your head, your heart – your soul
  • True love is not static: it flows, expands, balances – grows. This means you have to too.

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Where’s the focus of your love?

Can you grow and expand your love to something beyond the physical, beyond the emotional, beyond the mental to something greater, to true love?
True love is not just about being with someone, not just about reproducing and building a family. It’s about realising the greatest aspects of life, in you, in your partner and in your relationship.
The chart below shows the shift from physical love, to where most marriages become stuck, to true love – and what’s required to obtain it.
This shows that if you shift the focus in your life from yourself, beyond your family and friends, to your partner and your relationship – and if you do that while also shifting the focus from physical things to intangible love – you have a much better chance of developing true love.
The secret is easy: focus on your energy, the power, of love.
Don’t demand love, don’t do things for love.
Rather nurture love – by giving it, unconditionally.
Be love.
As Mother Teresa suggested it isn’t what you do, but the amount of love that you do it with that counts most.
Or as musician John Lennon said, it matters not whom you love or how you love, only that you love…
Can you? Do you?
Sending you our love for a better 2022!

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