Some people say there’s no true love

Talking the other night to an Australian friend who now lives in theMiddle Easthe said he didn’t believe in true love. “Truth” in the scientific sense means repeatable and ‘true’ love isn’t repeatable, he argued.
We retorted that with the information in our book that love is definitely repeatable. If you take the information and steps outlined that you can find – and maintain – true love.
We gave him a copy to read and look forward to his reply.
In the meantime, what do you think?  Does true love exist or not? You’ll have to give a good negative answers to convince us that it doesn’t!

Do you really want true love?

Of course you do.
We all want to be loved!
But how much are you prepared to give love?
Do you expect to get what you don’t give yourself?
How can you expect love, to be loved, if you can’t give love to others. 
Also, are you open to receive it, ready to receive love if it is given to you?Many people aren’t.
Or are you giving love to get it in exchange?
Unfortunately, true love doesn’t work like that – you have to give it unconditionally.
The thing about giving love is that it can attract people, people who are also giving love, to you.
Though, sometimes you need to sieve out those who just want to take the love you have to give.
What’s your experience?

What would you choose?

We need a little help – we’re trying to get a meaningful vote-count to our survey.
What would you choose?
– a million dollars  OR  enduring true love?
Please cast your vote on the home page
It’s simple and takes just two seconds.
This extends the question that featured in the movie Indecent Proposal starring Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woodie Harrelson – what do you want most love or money?

How do you find true love?

We’ve found there are a few key steps:
1– realize there are several, and quite different, types of love – physical, mental, spiritual and true love. True love encompasses all of these forms of love.
2 – determine what sort of love you want and why? Do you want love to feel better, to be like your friends or because you want the noblest thing in life? Your relationship to love, how you think about it, is often a reflection of your relationship to yourself.
3 – strong, true, relationships depend on strong and true self-awareness. If you don’t know and ‘love’ yourself how can you expect someone else to know you, let alone love you for who you are?! 
4 – don’t just focus on physical attraction and love! Science shows that love is a form of energy – echoing the saying the “power of love”! True love is when all your energies flow together and where someone else’s energy adds to yours to create something even stronger. This is a bit like a laser.
You’ll know when you find true love as it’s when you partner values you for who you are and encourages you to be you – loves you for you (sometimes even despite who you are)!
How have you found true love? Tell us…

How do you know when it's true love?

From our own experience, and what others tell us, you’ll just ‘know’!
Your partner will be ‘perfect’ for you; perfect physically, perfect emotionally, perfect mentally.
Your energies will join together to create something greater than you could have ever imagined.
Your pasts won’t matter.
It won’t matter – too much – when one of you says or does something stupid. You are able to forgive.
You’ll encourage your true love to be who they really are, the best they can be. They’ll do the same to you.
It’ll be the love you’ve always dreamt of.
While it’s perfect, realize that it still takes work!
You have to communicate, to speak up, to let the other know when something hurts you – although such instances are few and far between.
Don’t settle for convenient love; a love just because it’s there and available.
If a love is only half right you only have half a chance of it lasting.
Hold out for true love – a love that is 100% right.
Tell us how you know when it’s true love – for you…