Add more power to your love life

If you’re not paying attention to your partner then they’ll not be receiving energy from you, they might even be losing energy, given all the distractions of everyday life.
Why would they want to be with someone who weakens their energy?
Instead, the more energy you focus on your partner, the truer your love can become. This energy can be in the form of words, attention, actions, spirit or love.
This is one of the greatest and easiest secrets of love – focusing attention and energy on your partner will improve your love.
It’s a matter of finding that right energy, right pattern, right love that adds harmoniously to yours.
Interestingly, some people try to get more energy or ‘power’ for themselves by taking it from others. You don’t have to compete for energy!
Both science and scriptures tell us that it’s limitless; that there’s more than enough energy to go around.
Realise this and stop competing for power or trying to take it. You don’t have to compete, to buy objects to show how much ‘power’ you have.
Real power is to be found in developing a level of inner peace and communion with your energy that cannot be shaken by the ups and down of daily life.

Take the guesswork out of dating

There’s a way to take the guesswork out of dating…
Always try to date someone better than the best date you’ve ever had. In other words, don’t just date for the sake of it.
While this sounds like comparative common-sense it’s also scientifically proven, with statistics showing that if you pick someone too early you risk making a decision without checking out all the available options. While if you wait too long to select a partner, then the available pool will only have a few candidates to pick from.
So what’s the optimum number of dates or the optimum time to settle down? It’s not age, not even number of partners but rather the amount of knowledge you have about love that’s most important.
If you know and understand what love is, especially why you want love, then you can more quickly assess potential partners. You can more quickly determine – and decline – those whom won’t work out, allowing you more time to spend with those who might. This can also help you avoid staying in relationships that are not right for you.
Knowing about love provides a competitive advantage.
You’d research, learn, inspect and do tests before you bought an expensive car or house – so why wouldn’t you do the same before choosing a life partner?