Where’s the focus of your love?

Can you grow and expand your love to something beyond the physical, beyond the emotional, beyond the mental to something greater, to true love?
True love is not just about being with someone, not just about reproducing and building a family. It’s about realising the greatest aspects of life, in you, in your partner and in your relationship.
The chart below shows the shift from physical love, to where most marriages become stuck, to true love – and what’s required to obtain it.
This shows that if you shift the focus in your life from yourself, beyond your family and friends, to your partner and your relationship – and if you do that while also shifting the focus from physical things to intangible love – you have a much better chance of developing true love.
The secret is easy: focus on your energy, the power, of love.
Don’t demand love, don’t do things for love.
Rather nurture love – by giving it, unconditionally.
Be love.
As Mother Teresa suggested it isn’t what you do, but the amount of love that you do it with that counts most.
Or as musician John Lennon said, it matters not whom you love or how you love, only that you love…
Can you? Do you?
Sending you our love for a better 2022!