How do you…

Another secret is not to give love to get it in return.
Love has to be given unconditionally for it to be true.
The more love you give the more love you should feel.
Unfortunately, many people give ‘love’ in the hope that they will receive it in exchange.
If a potential partner can’t give their love to you without expecting something in return you’ll have trouble finding true love.
How can you expect someone to give to you what you yourself are not willing to give?
It’s that simple!
This give-to-get approach changes the flow of love energy and doesn’t lead to true love, just a dead-end where you can get stuck.
Seek a partner who is not self-focused, not egotistical. Seek someone who is considerate of others, who can share their energy, who can give love.
So how do you give love without wanting to get it back…?
You read the book and learn more 😉