Another secret …

image-3Another secret to true love is to add more love energy.
You can add (or subtract) energy to your love. The move constructive energy you add the better.
It’s a matter of finding that right energy, right pattern, right love that adds harmoniously to yours.
This is how caring words, candles, music, gifts and the like add to romance – they add to and amplify energy.
The key is to add lots of other types of energy, in particular non-physical types like mental and spiritual energy.
Adding more energy simply makes what you already have stronger. Add more love energy and you’ll make your love stronger.
This is a little like pushing that swing that’s already in motion, the extra pushes can have a large affect in making the swing, your love, rise even higher.
Take your love to a higher level by focusing extra energy on your partner and your relationship.
This often requires you being less self- or task-focused. Put aside your own needs and focus on the needs of your partner.
Being romantic is all about adding more energy. Those candle, music, touch, talking, dining are all about adding more loving energy to make the situation – your love – greater. The key is to do romantic things that add energy to your partner. There are many things that can do this.
True love is where your energy adds to that of your partner – and theirs adds to yours.