Use your intuition

Psychologists say intuition is when unconscious or subconscious thoughts or sensations make it into your consciousness. It’s when your senses are able to show you more than you generally let them. For example, it’s like understanding that as you read this you realise there are words in the next sentence and even though you may not consciously know what they spell or mean, your subconscious mind has already recognised a few of the words and started to interpret them.
You already intuit much. It’s the way you determine, in an instant, if you like someone or something – or not. The energy that you sense can add to, or detract from, the energy of your senses.
The key here is being in tune with your own energy and sensing what resonates with you and what doesn’t.
You have to be careful that your intuition is based on your impartial energy and senses and is not unduly influenced by your beliefs and programming; otherwise you may misconstrue what you sense.