If you focus love on physical love, such as your physical body and other physical things, that’s as much as you’ll sense.
Most of us focus on the physical aspects of love, such as touch, holding hands, kissing and other physical aspects of love.
But there is more, much more, to love.
So how do you expand your love beyond the physical?
The key is to add more energy. If you add other love energy, love and sex can rise to another level and you can sense more.
For example, add mental love energy – such as learning more about love – to experience something even more.
For those of you with a a partner, sense what’s happening to your partner’s energy; use your intuition as to what’s working best for them, and then add more of that energy.
Then as their energy starts to mount, combine your energy with theirs.
This makes love not so much about you, but rather about your energy and its interplay with another.
As such, it’s about joining your energy together with the energy of your partner to become stronger, more harmonious, more loving.
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