When it gets tough….

When you don’t know what to do, or when your partner tests your commitment to them, or when you’re emotionally attacked, you probably withdraw your love.
This is a big mistake most of us make!
It’s also an easy one to correct. You need to continue to show that you’re still there for your partner, still love them.
You need to express this in a heartfelt manner, not in a logical/mental or even physical manner. You have to show your strength and sensitivity in an emotional way. This is how you can show that you’re strong and sensitive at the same time.
What do you do when it becomes challenging?
Do you direct your energy to frustration and anger? Or are you strong and continue to let your love flow, adding even more love energy?
The solution is to add more energy, to let it flow and expand to ultimately balance!
This can be as simple as your being there, in particular being there emotionally and emotionally open to your partner (men take note in particular).
This could start with saying that you’ll always be there for her, saying you still love them, to expand your love. (Note you do not need to solve any problem right then and there. That can come later.)
As such, it’s a matter of being and doing the opposite to what you usually do. Put aside your own needs and focus on their needs.