Many of us carry around an ideal in our minds of the perfect partner we seek. Sometimes this is a fantasy that’s just a mirror image of ourselves, of all the qualities we lack.
What’s the person you desire like?
Are you generally attracted to people similar to you, those a little different, or those who are the opposite?
We are often subconsciously attracted to someone to improve and balance our relationship with our inner self (balance our own energy).
Consider how if you’re a ‘good’ person, do you really want a ‘bad’ person to ‘balance’ the good in you, in your relationship?
Yet, some people seem to keep dating ‘bad’ boys or girls. If you seek someone opposite to you there can be a big imbalance that can be hard to reconcile.
This is a big issue to be aware of – and to avoid. One of our daughters once told us and some friends that a young boy who asked her out was “too nice” to keep dating. We all gasped in horror given our personal experience encountered in dating ‘bad’ boys and girls and quickly told her that the ‘good’ boys cause less heartache and were the ones that she ultimately wanted for the long-term.
While there are a range of reasons why many of us are attracted to not so nice people, it’s key to realise that love does not change a person. If you aren’t happy with the way your partner is now don’t get married. Never marry potential.
True love is loving someone just the way they are; not wanting to change or ‘fix’ them.
True love is not a spouse renovation project.
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