10 tips to help you find love

There are many ways to find love.
Our decades of research into this amazing aspect of life has revealed 10 key points.
Here’s a summary of what our research has found::
1 – realise there are different types of love
2 – If you ‘need’ love realise it’s not true love
3 – acknowledge your emotions (energy in motion) as they’re trying to tell you something and get your energy to flow
4 – focus your energies to flow together more harmoniously to elevate your love towards true love
5 – once love energy is flowing well within you expand it, give it – unconditionally
6 – look for partners with whom your energy flows and connects best
7 – connect on all levels – emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as physically
8 – delve deep into you and a partner’s inner most selves to strengthen your connections
9 – add even more loving energy to make your love even more powerful
10 – you’re the only one in control of your energy.
Discover more -much more -in the rest of the site…we just want to share what we have found to make it easier for you – and the world (no catches, no agenda) – just sharing the love, true love.