How do you know?

How do you know when you find true love?
Once you’ve found someone how do you really know you’ve found the ‘right’ person?
We’ve found signs include:
• Wanting to give love unconditionally to your partner
• Providing a safe and secure environment and supporting them through good and bad times
• Being able to talk, and listen, together for hours
• Sharing your inner most self, your hearts
• Having similar attitudes and aims
• Encouraging your partner to be themselves and being able to accept who they are
• Realizing that every aspect of you meshes or ‘clicks; with and adds to that of your partner
• Together you explore, discover, learn, experience and achieve much more than you could on your own
• You are separate, but integrated, adding to each other’s energy, life and love; and
• Your love is better than the songs and movies you used to associate with love.
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