Many of us have been hurt so much when it comes to love that we focus on protecting ourselves from experiencing any further pain.
While this is common sense, it’s important to be aware that when you focus on your pain you’re inadvertently taking the focus off finding love, off your partner and your relationship if you have one.
If this happens regularly it can undermine love, as a partner may see this as you withdrawing love. If they don’t know why they may do the same and withdraw their love. This can in turn lead to you each further withdrawing love from one another and creating a downward spiral where your energy is refocused on pain, then inadvertently adds to it.
Do you recognise when something triggers you or your partner to stop giving love? Have you learnt how to let things go, to let go of the past?
Don’t ever stop giving love without making it clear why!
Step-up, speak up and say why you feel like you do, why you want to withdraw. (Sometimes someone will say or do something that triggers past issues within each of us. Explain that.)
Love energy has to not only flow within you, it also has to expand. One way for it to expand is for it to flow outwards from you, as through giving. Try to keep giving love.
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