What do you do when love becomes challenging?
Do you direct your energy to frustration and anger? Or are you strong and continue to let love flow positively?
The solution is to add more energy and to let it flow and expand. This can be as simple as your being there, in particular being there emotionally and emotionally open – rather than closing up.
This could start with saying that you’ll always be there, not withdraw.
The secret to meeting challenges with and in love is consistent flow of love energy and expansion to ultimately balance the issue.
As such, it’s a matter of being and doing the opposite to what you usually do! Put aside your own needs.
And remember, true intimacy is not physical; it’s a merging of hearts, minds and souls – of your energies.
The easiest way to share intimacy is not only physically, it’s through more intangible ways such as listening, communicating, contributing and showing. .
We humans can communicate more than any other animal on the planet. So why don’t you? Communicate with yourself, with prospective partners or with an existing partner.
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