Change for the better

Change occurs all through life, yet we often expect our partner won’t.
Then when things get tough, ironically, we want them to change.
When it comes to the latter, why do you or your partner want change? Why are you seeking something else? What are you really seeking?
Is it because you feel the relationship is stale, that it’s not going anywhere, you think you know all there is to know about your partner, or you want more excitement, or you’re not getting what you need?
If it’s any of these, then there’s a good chance you could grow your relationship more – a lot more!
You already have a partner with whom you’ve had much in common and it might just be possible to improve what you already have.
Couples often take each other for granted and that can destroy love. A woman thinks she knows her man, the man thinks he knows his woman; while in reality nobody knows either.
The woman the man knew when they first started going out is not there now, so much has happened and changed – and vice versa.
Stop and talk; find a new hobby to do together (we decided to take up paragliding!)
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