Looking for your soul mate?

First start with what is your soul.
Souls are generally described as being eternal, everlasting – and science says there is only thing that is eternal – that is energy!
This suggests that your soul is the way energy flows and interacts within you. This is similar to how your personality and character are now recognised as being comprised of energy patterns within you.
Another way to think of your soul is a little like computer software running on the hardware of your body. If the software programs, or patterns, are corrupted your computer and its output will not function as well as it could.
Just like software, your energy patterns – your soul – can be upgraded and improved. You can change and improve them by adding energy, adding learning and experience.
How your energy meshes is in a large part up to you: you can direct and control how it flows, expands and balances.
If your energies are flowing together harmoniously, expanding and balancing so too will your soul – and love.
The fact that you can consciously alter your energy differentiates you from everything else in the universe. It echoes those scriptures that encourage you to improve your soul to enter a greater realm.
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