Time to appreciate

One of the best ways to give love energy to your partner is to tell them what you appreciate about them, what attracted you to them and what you adore about her (or him).

You can never say too many positive things, but can certainly not say enough!

Conveying a few kinds words a few times a day – be it in words, email or text – can show your partner that you are thinking about her and appreciate her (rather than take her for granted).

This can be one of the best, and easiest, ways to improve a relationship as it is one to help improve safety and security.

Consideration is also important: you need to consider what impact your words and actions have on your partner. Don’t assume you know what she feels and think. Ask her or him!

BE AWARE that many of us have expectations of what we want our partner to be and try to make them into what that is. This is a huge mistake. Don’t try to make your partner into some they aren’t.
You need to appreciate and love your partner. Start by appreciating at least one aspect of them…
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