Where do you focus your love?

Energy goes where attention flows. It is the same with love.
If you direct your attention to something, or somewhere or someone else that’s where your energy will flow.
It’s that simple and easy!
If you want true love, want a loving relationship, that’s where you need to focus your attention, and thus your energy.
As such, you should make your relationship, your love – in particular, your partner – the focus of your attention, of your energy, of your life.
This is a secret to changing and improving a relationship, a love. By focusing positive energy on it, on them, you can and will strengthen your love.
In contrast, when you focus your energy on physical things, such as food, fashion or other fads, that’s where your energy will go. When you focus it on mental things, such as courses and studying, then that’s where it and you will concentrate.
If you’re not paying attention to your partner then they’ll not be receiving energy from you, they might even be losing energy. Why would they want to be with someone who weakens their energy?
This is one of the greatest and easiest secrets of love – focusing attention and energy on your partner will improve your love. Try it and watch the results. Which way does your love energy flow?
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