Be true for true love

You need to connect with your inner most self, not your ego, to truly connect with another.
If you can’t be open and honest with yourself how will you ever be open with another?!
If you’re pretending to be a ‘different’ person to who you really are this not only takes a lot of effort and energy but you could find that someone falls in love with the image you’re projecting, rather than the true you.
Similarly, if you’re quite self-focused, or what others might call ‘full of yourself’ and your own self importance or ego you may have no room for anyone else.
Similarly, seek a partner who is considerate of others; not just themselves. If their focus is on themself and their needs how much energy will they place on considering you and your needs? If they can’t easily share their energy, themself with you you’ll have trouble finding and developing true love with them. Egotism negates the constructive energy of true love.
Tip Love requires transcending your ego. You need to connect with your inner most self, not your ego, in order to best connect with another.
Also realise that you don’t need to be perfect to be loved.
Secret   You have to be open and have room for a lover, for love.
Surprisingly, while some people seek love they also create barriers to receiving it. They want a fairytale prince to come and rescue them, fight for them – to make them worthy of love. Do you feel unworthy of love? Is the real reason why you want love to validate yourself? Many of us seek love for this reason.
Realise – and accept – that you are worthy, worthy of love!
Open yourself and be available to love. There is no reason to hide. This is an important aspect of finding your true love – or letting your true love find you.
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