Overcoming emotional pain

When you’re feeling emotional pain, try this secret short-cut. Rather than try to resolve the conflicting emotion as soon as you can, sense it, then try to balance it by turning your thoughts towards love. Sense a great moment of love in your life and recall it. What you’re doing is using the power of love to balance those conflicting emotions. This is one of the greatest gifts of love, its ability to bring things together – it’s like a ‘reset’ button on a computer that helps rebalance your energy, rebalance you. This is why many of us seek physical love (sex, orgasm, self pleasure) as it’s one way we instinctively rebalance our energy. You can also do this with just your thoughts.
Rather than get stuck on some emotion, to someone or something; let it go, let the energy flow. (This echoes scriptures and spiritual writings about self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others.)
Remember, you’re aiming for your energy to flow, expand and balance.
Also consider how much energy you’re putting into love at present?
You’re already putting a lot of physical energy into going to work, paying the bills and so on. But are you putting enough energy into your love?
Consider, how often do you talk and for how long? Are these superficial conversations about domestic issues, household chores and the like or are they deeper conversation about you and your partner, your dreams, fears and desires?
Listen to yourself, your emotions, your energy in action, and what they’re trying to tell you.[1]
The energy of love is already inside you.
The next secret reveals ways to unleash this energy and direct it towards true love.
[1] The struggle between thoughts and emotions cannot be resolved by the mind gaining dominance over emotions, or vice versa, but rather by increasing the harmonious balance between the two.