What do you do?

Actions speak louder than words, especially for men. A man will notice what a woman does much more than what she says. He may also notice what she doesn’t do, but rarely will he notice what she doesn’t say.
Ideally, actions and words should match, just as the energy behind them should be focused and flow harmoniously.
If the words, actions and energy don’t match and flow together, question your partner as to why they don’t. Discuss what both of you are going to do about it.
Couples must also be committed to making the partnership their top priority. Make your love and your partner your priority so that’s where you energy flows, rather to less important things.
Do you hold your partner’s hand regularly? If not, why not? Try it. It is a simple but effective form of connection.
Discuss how you might be able to expand to reconnect at these simple levels, levels where you act and demonstrate that you are connected.
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