Do you connect on all levels?

Do you connect:
• physically?
• emotionally?
• mentally – can you converse easily with one another? Do you anticipate each other’s needs?
• spiritually – do you have similar attitudes to intangible things, such as personal growth?
The more information you learn and share with each other the better chance of success you’ll have in developing and maintaining true love.
There is really only one reason to get married – you want to do so because of whom the other person is – not whom you imagine them to be…
They make you happy, but most of all they encourage you to be you and support you and your journey in life. They want to be with you for who you are – and sometimes in spite of who you are – and they don’t want to change you into someone else to meet their own needs.
Without this core element, you might not have the blissful life you’ve always dreamt of.