Just what is love…?

We all know from first hand experience that love is powerful. Some people say it’s the greatest and most wonderful thing you can ever experience.
We all want it. Consider a survey that asked “would you marry somebody who had everything you looked for in a partner, but whom you were not in love with?” More than 90 percent of woman and 86 percent of men said “no”!
But just what is love?
There are as many different perceptions and definitions of love as there are people, as we each experience it differently. This is one reason why it’s so hard to find; we each have different expectations and experiences of what love actually is. You, and any potential partner, have to be able to bridge the gaps in expectations.
Even when you look at love objectively there are discrepancies. For example, some scientists say love doesn’t exist, while others say it’s all in your head. Up until recently, most scientists said love was about chemistry and the interaction of molecules and hormones within you. They believed that chemicals with big names such as noradrenalin, dopamine, phenyl ethylamine, oxytocin and others forced you to act in certain ways and created what you perceived as love.
Yet, when you see someone at a distance or talk to them on the phone those molecules don’t cross the intervening space and trigger a chemical reaction and the sensation of love. There’s something more powerful at work.
Science now shows that those chemicals are set in motion by electromagnetic signalling, or what you might simply think of as waves of energy – this literally “the power of love” as the song says.