Seeking love ? Turn it around!

To turn your love life around, turn around your focus on love. Try to not focus so much on getting it, but rather on giving it!
The progression from romantic towards true love is not about getting more love, not even doing more things to get love for your self, but about giving love.
The way to do this is to find the love energy that you already have within you and help it flow outwards towards others in the most harmonious way possible.
Realise there’s more than the physical in front of you, more than the mental and emotional elements inside of you.
There’s also the power of love. Tune into it and realise what you are capable of.
If you can give love, then you have something to offer potential partners (or keep an existing partner with you).
You’ll also have something that can attract true love to you. For example, one reason most people want love is so that they can feel better. If you can make other people feel better, happier, loved for who they are, they’ll want to be with you.
As many scriptures say, you reap what you sow.
What sort of love are you giving now?
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