Questions to ask your next date #2

When out on your next date, trying to find ‘the one’ and it is going well, consider asking something like….
• What are you most grateful for in life?
• What is your greatest accomplishment or what are you most proud of? Why?
• What is the most important thing you feel a partner never understood about you?
When you have finished, assess how you feel about them.
• Will they help you meet the day-to-day needs of life?
• Do you respect and trust them?
• Will you feel safe and secure with them if they were your partner?
• Do you like them as a person?
• Do you have fun together? Do they make you laugh? Can you be silly together?
• Will you be able to grow with them?
• Will they support your own growth?
• Will you support theirs?
• How do they treat others? Do they put you first?
Conclude by telling your date what you admire about them from what you know already so they don’t feel like they’ve just been through the inquisition!
This will help you determine whether this person help you grow and realize your dreams – or hinder them.
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