How does your partner make you feel?

An important requirement for a marriage is for it to meet your needs for self-esteem and self worth (the fourth level of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).
How is your opinion of your self worth in your relationship?

  • does your relationship add to (rather than detract from) your self worth, from whom you are?
  • does your partner value you?
  • do you provide your partner with enough self worth?

This is a level where many relationships run into trouble, as many men and women think self-esteem is about being number one and try to assume this position.
Some people are not good at this aspect of relationships in that they ‘put down’ their partner. One reason for this is that their own self-esteem is low and the only way they know how to improve it is to take it, to take control. Both partners need an equal amount of self-worth.
If you answered mostly ‘yes’ to these questions then you’ve got a good chance of your relationship / marriage succeeding.