What do you seek in a partner?

Are you generally attracted to people:
– similar to you,
– those a little different, or
– those who are the opposite?
We are often subconsciously attracted to someone to improve and balance our relationship with our inner self. Consider how if you’re a ‘good’ person, do you really want a ‘bad’ person to ‘balance’ the good in you, in your relationship? Some people seem to keep dating ‘bad’ boys or girls. If you seek someone opposite to you there can be a big imbalance that can be hard to reconcile.
This is a big issue to be aware of – and to avoid. While there are a range of reasons why many of us are attracted to not so nice people, it’s key to realise that love does not change a person. If you aren’t happy with the way your partner is now don’t get married. Never marry potential. True love is loving someone just the way they are; not wanting to change or ‘fix’ them. True love is not a spouse renovation project.