Does love ever end?

What we’ve each been taught about love may not be the ideal. Unfortunately, most of us are taught that we need to get married, to have a home and children to have a happy and fulfilling life, to have love.
The high divorce rate clearly shows this is not enough for many people.
One reason why marriage, a house and even a family is not enough is that these tend to have a physical focus and true love is more than something physical. Consider the time you were most in love, your energy flowed strongly as you explored love physically, then grew and expanded to include mental love, such as companionship, conversation and friendship.
Can you grow and expand your love to something beyond the physical, beyond the emotional, beyond the mental to something greater, to spiritual or divine true love?
Of course you can. True love is not just about being with someone, not just about reproducing and building a family. It’s about realising the greatest aspects of life, of the divine (be it God or the universe) in you, in your partner and in your relationship. There is an even greater world – and love – out there.