Questions to ask your next date #1

What will you talk about on your next date? You’ve had a good first date or two, now the time has come to determine whether this person could be ‘the one’.
But, remember, relationships pass through several phases and what you are trying to do on a date is to determine if your date and you can grow through these phases together, (attraction, romance, commitment, challenge and compassion – true love.).
To try and help you determine if your date is the person who can help you through this incredible journey, here are a few questions you could ask them.
1 – Is this person ‘close to’ or ‘better’ than the best date you’ve ever had? Don’t go backwards and accept something or someone you know is not the best you’ve experienced.
Also, don’t be swayed by other pressures, such as not wanting to be alone or to accept someone whom your intuition tells you is not right for you. Ask yourself:
• are you trusting your intuition? If not, why not? (Reconsider those first impressions.)
• have you given this prospect enough of a chance to show you who they are and what they have to offer?
Download the book and see other useful questions in the appendices.