How love grows

There were all sorts of things we wanted to know when we were at school: ranging from who liked us the most? to did the girls/boys we were interested even like us? or who would win the various sports championships?
These were big, all-consuming questions then. Now they seem so trivial.
This sums up one of the big lessons we’ve learnt – things change. Things that are important today might not be so important to you tomorrow. Though at the time this fact would have been little help to each of us.
We also found there are some key things don’t and won’t change in your life; some things that will always be driving and motivating you.
These include several needs that we each need to fulfil to have a satisfying and successful life and seven things that motivate each of us and prompt us to think and act in certain ways.
Once you understand these you will understand life better, including your own. For example, we each start our life’s journey seeking and meeting physical needs, such as water, food and shelter, according to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Once you obtain most of these basic necessities you then seek safety and security, the next level up the hierarchy or pyramid. Most of us try to obtain these by getting a good job to provide money for somewhere to live, a house and maybe then start a family.
But these are still physical things and don’t actually provide all the safety and security you need. For example, you can have water, food, shelter and physical love; but still don’t feel safe or secure emotionally, mentally or spiritually…
It is only when you love, and are loved, that you discover some of the greatest secrets of life.