Why don't they love me?

Why did that person do that to you?!  How often have you wondered that? Wondered what made them do what they did, what motivated them?
Why” Why do some people focus on how they look, while others focus on personal growth and yet others focus on serving others. Why does someone risk their very survival to be painfully thin; while others purposely bully and hurt others? What motivates each of them?
Wouldn’t your life be much easier if you knew why people do what they do; even why you do what you do?
There are ultimately just a handful of reasons why we each do what we do, and once you know them you can better understand what is happening around you, to you – and even yourself.
These motivations start with the simple need to survive, to have food and water, then shelter and safety. Once these are somewhat met, the next greatest need is to belong, to be part of a community and to be loved. This explains why mobile phones, social media and Facebook are so popular: they help us meet these needs. Next is the motivation to feel a sense of worth, of self-esteem, to feel better about ourselves; which partially explains the rising amount of competition in the world, be it sport or studying or at work. The next need is to understand (as in this book) and then to discover and be who you really are.
Are you motivated by these big issues, or by other ones, that you might have encountered while growing up?  What level motivates you the most? Motivates your friends, your parents, others around you? What motivates you regarding love?!