What is love?

Love is much like your personality or character. You can’t pinpoint your character, it can’t be seen or its physical location determined; but it exists and certainly impacts the world.
Neurologists know that while we all have the same chemicals, bodies with similar brains and number of nerves in each, the way those nerves are connected is different in each of us.
Your experiences, learnings and resulting nerve connections are unique and how energy flows through them is what makes you who you are and forms your personality.
Love is similar. When you’re ‘in love’ your energies, including your brain and heart waves, as well as chemicals, emotions, thoughts and actions and flowing harmoniously together and focused.
This is like when you or someone is on a swing and someone else starts to push the swing;  it rises higher and higher as more energy is added.
This results in one of the strongest, most harmonious energy patterns you’ll ever feel in your heart, in your mind, in your body – and in your life.
So love is, ultimately, energy (not chemistry).