What is a soul mate?

There are as many suggestions as there are souls.
Some people say your soul mate is someone with whom your inner-most self relates to best. Others say it’s someone with whom you share a common path, while other people say it’s someone who accepts and loves every aspect of you for who you are. Others suggest it’s someone who ‘completes’ you and enables you to obtain happiness and fulfilment. Others suggest a soul mate is an entity that you know from a previous or past life; which necessitates a belief in reincarnation and that you have ‘lived’ before.
Dictionaries and encyclopaedias say the soul is something beyond your physical body that gives you life and encompasses your personality and conscience. Scriptures refer to your soul leaving your body after death and continuing forever. This means that your physical brain, heart or nerves can’t be your soul as they don’t continue once you die. The Bible says the Holy Spirit is within you, as well as outside and that it somehow directs you.This makes scientific sense if you replace the word “spirit” with “energy”. Energy is within you, also in the world outside and directs everything you do and forms the basis of your perceptions, feelings and thoughts.
Similarly, souls are generally described as being eternal, and science says the only thing that is eternal is energy. All this suggests that your soul is the way energy flows and interacts within you.
This is similar to how your personality and character are now recognised as being comprised of energy patterns. (Another way to think of your soul is a little like computer software running on the hardware of your body. If the software programs, or patterns, are corrupted your computer and its output will not function as well as it could.)
Accordingly, finding your soul mate involves finding someone with whom your energy positively interacts. Read on to learn more.