Love and marketing – a learning

People often ask me: what’s the secret to successful marketing?  (And it applies to love too!)

While we all want a simple solution, many people say there isn’t one.

Well, there is. And it is really simple.

So what’s the secret?

It is…that each and every one of us wants to feel better. (This is a gross simplification derived from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Mark Oliver’s seven motivations to life.)

Organisations that realise this and target their product and service delivery model towards it – to making their customers feel better via what they provide – have been proven to do better than those that don’t. Consider the long-term success of Coke-a-cola with its ongoing marketing to associate its product with happiness and fun. There are many others. Cadbury is using this approach in its Welcome to Joyville campaign. Unfortunately there are many that don’t – just as many people don’t make us feel better.

When it comes to finding a love that will last – a key is that we ultimately each want to be with someone who makes us feel better.  Find out how to do this in our free book. (THANKS Kris!)