Life made simple – 1, 2, 3!

There are obviously lots of ways of looking at life and love.
One of the easiest ways to understand it is to realise that:
1 – we seek to do things to make ourselves feel better.
We seek to be around friends and people who make us feel good rather than those who don’t.
When we don’t feel good we do things like shop, eat and the like to make us feel better. The only problem is that these tend to be short-term.
2 – at some stage we want to KNOW – rather than feel – that we are better. This can result competing in sports, at work, at studying, having a family to prove to ourselves that we are better, that we are worth something.
This is where we look for answers to life’s big questions (see more at
3 – we just accept – and seek to make the best of what we have and are. But more on that soon….