Looks or energy?

While most people seek someone they’re physically attracted to, to find true love you should be ‘looking’ at the energy of prospective partners.
Since we can’t ‘see’ energy, most people ignore this approach. Big mistake.
Sure, you need someone whom you’re physically attracted to and are compatible with. But it’s generally not the most important attribute for most of us. Less than8 per cent of people surveyed in Australia cited physical looks as the most important attribute they were seeking in a partner. By contrast, the same survey found three quarters of people want to be with someone whom they could be themself with.
Starting at the physical bottom means you have to work your way up and that takes much more effort than starting at the top by seeking someone with compatible energy.
If you find someone who’s energetically compatible to you, then the mental and physical attributes tend to fall into place. It’s that simple.