Give love

Many of us have been hurt so much when it comes to love that we focus on protecting ourselves from experiencing any further pain.
While this is common sense, it’s important to be aware that when you focus on your pain you’re inadvertently taking the focus off finding love, off your partner and your relationship if you have one.
Another secret is that you have to let go to let love energy flow, to be able to give. Love energy has to not only flow within you, it also has to expand. One way for it to expand is for it to flow outwards from you, as through giving. If you can continue to give love you have learnt a great truth about love.
This is not easy and often feels the opposite of what you want to do. Similarly, don’t sit back and wait for love to come to you; be proactive – get out there.
Demonstrate to potential partners that you’re a worthy person with something to offer.