What do you feel?

Is an emotion trying to tell you something right now?
When you feel a strong emotion, stop and figure out what the increased energy flow (or blockage) is trying to inform you.
Ask yourself questions that will help identify emotions, such as why you were angry or fearful in the first place, why you were unable to be more ‘loving’. What stopped your energy flowing harmoniously? Was it something real or your perception?
All energy conveys information. Once you recognise what information that energy is trying to communicate to you, you can then do something about it.
Recall how energy is neither good nor bad; it’s how energy patterns build upon one another or become chaotic that makes you perceive something as good or bad, pleasurable or painful.
Find a way to replace them with healthier emotions, with a better flow of energy.
The laws of science show that things balance-out over the long-term; so if you’ve had a hard time and felt down lately prepare for things to rebound and improve.
Rather than be afraid and do nothing, do the opposite – do something. The wheel of life will continue to turn: it is up to you to move and grow with it . There is a saying that “sometimes life gives you a shakeup to help you wake up”.