What do you really need?

A major secret to finding true love is that there are several things you need to fulfil to have a happy and satisfying life. What are these intangible needs?
Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs  says we each start our life’s journey seeking and meeting physical needs, such as water, food and shelter – and sex.
Once you obtain most of these basic necessities you then seek safety and security, the next level up the hierarchy or pyramid. Most of us try to obtain these by getting a good job to provide money for somewhere to live, a house and maybe then start a family.
But these are still physical things and don’t actually provide all the safety and security you need. For example, you can have water, food, shelter and sex; but still don’t feel safe or secure emotionally or mentally.
Accordingly, you and your partner also need to feel emotionally and mentally safe and secure. You also need to feel secure enough so that your energy, or what might be called your spirit and soul, flows freely.
We all need a safe and secure relationship, as that’s where you can truly share your self with another.