Creating inner most connections

Depth and intimacy of connection is the difference between a friendship and a loving relationship.
When you open and share your inner most self, the energy essence of you or what has traditionally been called your heart, to another you invite them to open and share the same with you.
If you can’t open your heart how do you expect them to open theirs?
If you don’t open to each other you’ll remain acquaintances doing a dance of daily domestic life and never truly connect. When you share your inner most selves you create connections beyond the physical, beyond the mental. Creating such connections lifts your love out of the ordinary.
Try to see the many facets of others; try to know your partner’s inner most self, their inner most thoughts and feelings, their deepest stirrings. By doing this you’ll know your own deeper stirrings too.
You can never truly know your partner, as they – like you – are continually changing, growing and interacting. As thing continually change around and between you, you need to continually revisit and reconnect with each other.
To be truly together is forgiving and understanding that your partner is as human as you are. They’ll commit mistakes, just as you commit them. Accept their humanity with all the frailty you are prone to. Add a little forgiveness.
Above all, make them feel safe and secure with you. This is key. Just as you want to be with people who make your feel, certain, safe and secure; so too do others, especially your partner.