Rules of Dating and True Love

Are there really rules of dating and love?
There are a range of ‘rules’ that we often hear about love.
For example, some people say you shouldn’t call someone you’ve just dated for at least three days.
You’ve probably heard of some of these ‘rules’ yourself and even tried to apply them…isn’t that what you are ‘supposed to do’?
All we can say is don’t subject yourself to ‘rules’ – and certainly don’t play games. Playing games is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to serious dating.
One reason? Men aren’t very good at playing non-sporting games – and generally dont know how to play games of love.
So if you play games, especially to take control, they can just get confused.
(Well, that’s what some of our good single male friends tell us!)
Worse still, playing games or using rules means that your date (and potential life partner) will find it harder to determine just who you are – and if you are a good match for them.
Rather, be courteous and honest. If you like someone, send them a text or email and thank them for a good date.
If you’d like to catch up again to see how compatible you both are- ask to do so. If not, say so directly.
The book, ‘How to Find True Love’ doesn’t refer to rules, but rather ‘truths’ of love – truths that help make it easier to find the love you’ve always dreamt of having in your life.
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