What is love?

We all know from first hand experience that love is powerful. Some people say it’s the greatest and most wonderful thing you can ever experience.
We all want it.
Consider a survey that asked “would you marry somebody who had everything you looked for in a partner, but whom you were not in love with?”More than 90 percent of woman and 86 percent of men said “no”!

But just what is love?

There are as many different perceptions and definitions of love as there are people, as we each experience it differently.
This is one reason why it’s so hard to find; we each have different expectations and experiences of what love actually is. You, and any potential partner, have
to be able to bridge the gaps in expectations.
Even when you look at love objectively, there are discrepancies.
For example, some scientists say love doesn’t exist, while others say it’s all in your head.
Up until recently, most scientists said love was about chemistry and the interaction of molecules and hormones within you.
They believed that chemicals with big names such as noradrenalin, dopamine, phenyl ethylamine, oxytocin and others, forced you to act in certain ways and create what you perceived as love.
Yet, when you see someone at a distance or talk to them on the phone those molecules don’t cross the intervening space and trigger a chemical reaction and the sensation of love. There’s something more powerful.
Science now shows that those chemicals are set in motion by electromagnetic signaling, or what you might simply think of as waves of energy!
(The next few paragraphs are a little technical, but stick with it as it’s important.)
These waves are amplified by those chemicals, which in turn further strengthen those waves to create harmonious energy patterns in your head, heart and body.
This is like pushing someone who is already on a swing; each push sends the swing higher.
Another way to think of this is that love is like your personality or character. You can’t pinpoint your character, it can’t be seen or its location determined; but it exists and certainly impacts the world. Neurologists know that while we all have the same chemicals, bodies with similar brains and number of nerves in each, the way those nerves are connected is different in each of us.
Your experiences, learnings and resulting nerve connections are unique and how energy flows through them is what makes you who you are and forms your personality.
When you’re ‘in love’ your energies, including your brain and heart waves, as well as chemicals, emotions, thoughts and actions are flowing harmoniously together and focused in one direction.
This is a little like a laser, which brings together and amplifies waves of light energy to make a powerful and illuminating beam that’s stronger than the individual light waves on their own.
This results in one of the strongest, most harmonious energy patterns you’ll ever feel in your heart, in your mind and your body—in your life.
It’s this bringing together and focusing of your energies that makes you feel so good and is one reason why we all want to be in love.

So now you know that love is, ultimately, energy!

The ancients knew this, with many cultures and religions describing love as an energy, a power—the ‘power of love’.
More recently, medicine has recognized different types of energy flowing and interacting within you, with doctors measuring heart waves (electrocardiograms or ECGs) and brain waves (electroencephalograms or EEGs).
Science has also shown that your five senses of hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste are all electromagnetically-based; as are your perceptions, feelings, thoughts and memories.
Biologists have also recently discovered that there are also direct currents flowing through cells that encase your nerve cells ….and that harmonious energy flow is important to the quality of your feelings, thoughts and your life.
As such, you’re not just a physical or chemical being, you’re also an energy being!
Accordingly, it’s more accurate to say the “energy” or “power” of love, rather than “chemistry” of relationships.
How that energy flows and interacts within you and the world around you is important to your love life.
This is a big change to how most people used to think of love, previously thinking of it as the soul-less interaction of chemicals. This tended to make many of us think that we were at the mercy of those chemicals, that we couldn’t do anything about love; other than just wait until we ‘bumped into’ someone, whose chemicals interacted well with ours to experience love.
That’s no longer the case.
You have more control than you realized over love!
Realizing this is the first secret to finding it. Start to look at love this way and you’ll make a difference to how you approach it, to finding love. It helped us to find true love!
“There may be no other word in the English language that is so loaded with meaning, emotion, opinion, fear, heartbreak or joy.
Yet, in the human experience there is also nothing more important. We can have amazing kids, a great job, a fit body, financial abundance, emotional strength and spiritual resolve…and yet, without someone to share it all with, our lives have less meaning and substance.
Experiencing great love allows you to revolutionize virtually every aspect of your life.”
Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes