Who’s the better half in your relationship?

Did you get together with someone because you considered them your ‘other’ half or that they ‘completed you’?
If so, were you aware that these other ‘halves’ are often things you’ve not developed in yourself.
And you may reach a stage where you realise that your partner doesn’t ‘complete’ you – and so you try to complete yourself.
In doing so you may have to bargain or battle for power. This is where many relationships end up.
You might think it’s the end and look elsewhere for what’s missing, as in a dalliance or affair, as there seems to be no other way out of what seems like stagnation or a conundrum.
Other couples stay together, unhappily, because they simply don’t know what to do or how to progress to the next phase, how to find balance, how to balance love.
When actually in this stage of relationships, the key is to learn more – so get the free book from the home page.