Find cupid’s partner to find true love

You’ve heard about and seen images of cupid with this little cherub shooting his bow and arrows of love and once you were struck you could do nothing but fall in love. But did you know that he was just half of a duo dedicated to love in ancient times?
Cupid was in love with Psyche – and vice versa.
The fact that most of us are only aware of Cupid may explain why so many of us have trouble with love – we’ve only got half the story! To better understand love and find our own true love we need to learn more about Psyche.
The very word Psyche comes from the Greek term for the soul.

As such, Cupid is the physical aspect of love, while Psyche is the spiritual side.

The ancient Greeks believed we need both for true love – a physical and spiritual connection. Today, the focus is often on the former, how someone looks; rather than their spirit, their soul, their character and personality – even though the later is more important in the long-term and doesn’t fade with time.
Psyche was considered much smarter than Cupid as she overcame many challenges for them to be together. The fable was often recounted to demonstrate how by combining physical and spiritual aspects love is able to overcome all obstacles.
Interestingly, Psyche began her life as a mortal and became a divine being – and order was restored when she reached heaven.  This echoes later scriptures that say a soul must earn its place in heaven while in a physical body.
Even today, you still need both spiritual as well as physical aspects of love for true love to blossom.