To find love – have a look inside first

Did you know that your relationship to love, how you think about it, is often a reflection of your relationship to yourself.
If you don’t know and ‘love’ yourself how can you expect someone else to know you, let alone love you for who you are?! 
Often in the search for love we look for another person to love us, a ‘better half’ to complete us, to provide these other types of love for us.
But putting the responsibility for love onto another person is unfair and unreasonable – and disempowers you.
Your relationship to love, how you think about love, is often a reflection of your relationship to yourself.
Strong relationships depend on strong self-awareness. 
As such, finding true love starts with you. Instead of trying to find someone who will love you, start by making yourself more loving, more lovable. Fall in love with the life you have. Enjoy your own company.
If you can’t be nice to yourself, or nice to those around you, how are you going to always be nice to someone whom you’re attracted to? If you’re self-focused, or what others might call ‘full of yourself’ or your own self importance or ego, you may not have room for anyone else.
You have to be open and have room for a lover, for love. Connect with your inner most self, not your ego, to truly connect with another.  
Similarly, seek a partner who is considerate of others; not just themselves. If their focus is on themself and their needs how much will they consider you and your needs? If they can’t easily share themself with you you’ll have trouble finding and developing true love with them.
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