Find your Valentines #3

Expand your love-list
Now for something practical to get you started towards finding your true love. We all have some idea of who we’re looking for – someone beautiful, blonde or dark, tall and handsome, fit, with a good car, maybe a house or more.
The problem here is that these are physical attributes: we tend to think of our perfect partner, our true love, in physical terms. By doing this you limit yourself to physical love!
True love is much more than something physical. To obtain a truer love you need to think beyond just the physical, expand to include those greater intangibles.
How often do you think of your true love in terms of having the most wonderful personality, always happy, caring, loving you? Why don’t you do this? You need to – it’s the only way to get the true love you deserve.
Consider how many of us want to find a partner to ultimately reproduce with to continue our genes. While many of us want our physical attributes to be passed to the next generation, don’t you also want your personality or character passed onto them as well? Don’t you want children who will ultimately be happy, confident and content?
So why don’t you concentrate as much on those non-physical aspects of potential partners! This is the key wisdom of finding your true love – look for someone beyond the physical, someone who’s personality, who’s attitude and perspective best mesh with yours.